Spring Start : Stop : Start

Spring in the UK has always been unpredictable ans always will be. It's warm, it's cold, it in between. It's difficult to know when to start certain activities and it can catch us all out. The daily temperatures affect air & soil. Air temperatures fluctuate...

Balcony planting

Growing on balconies is very appealing and can be very rewarding. Enabling plants to thrive at great heights needs a few ideas and tips to get the best results. There are a few variables that you must take into account for balcony growing. Here below are the most...

Bottle Garden Growing

Bottle Gardens and Terrariums Bottle Gardens or Terrarium are very popular and ideal for homes of all sorts and particularly apartments and flats. Planting correctly is very important but it's not difficult. Using the right tools, equipment, compost and feeds makes it...

Mulching makes sense

Mulching makes sense simply because it solves or reduces the impact of so many problems. Mulching is adding a layer of organic material over your soils to protect plants from the cold, reduce water loss in the summer, improve soil AND can completely stop weeds...

Why feed your garden birds?

Feeding Birds makes sense not only for the birds but also for your garden. If the garden birds can become accustomed to feeding in your garden all year round they will also feed on the grubs & insects pest on your plants. Britain's gardens are an essential...

We love dogs!

Ferndale Garden centre is a dog friendly garden centre. We always have been. The directors have dogs so we understand that you'd like to have them with you and obviously you can't leave them in your car on a hot day.              ...

Thanks Plants!

Thanks Plants! https://youtu.be/JoUpN7GwPkY Plants are essential in our lives. Let's give them something back! Plants. When you think about plants, you might be tempted to think of the Sansevieria that used to sit on your grandparents' windowsill, or that cactus which...

Five great Japanese Maples for small gardens

Japanese Maples, which are called ‘Acer palmatum varieties’, are very popular and new varieties appear annually. We’ve picked five different varieties that we feel are five of the best.

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