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The best gardens are created with great plants and good ideas. Planting now with the best plants will make all the big difference to your garden all year round. 

Most of us concentrate on our patios filling our patio pots and hanging baskets with great summer colour plants, but as the summer wanes planting winter pansies ‘early’ make all the difference. Now we are deep into winter and spring is still to start & our pots are looking tatty. Take the worst plants out and drop some primroses and potted bulbs in their place.  
By specialising in the best varieties especially the new varieties you will have a garden full of colour all year round. 
The new varieties are bred to have more flowers and perform better than past favourites. 
Pop in and let us help you choose some colourful plants to lift the garden and your late winter garden.

Ferndale Garden Centre’s purpose is ‘…making your world more beautiful’. 

We have the people & ideas to make this possible for you.

Late Winter Tips
Late winter can be dull, damp & colourless but we always have some colourful plants to cheer you up and refresh the garden. Planting now is fine , just avoid heavy frosts.
Ferndale Daisy only

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