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The best gardens are created with great plants and good ideas. Regular planting with the best plants will make all the difference to your garden with all year round colour and interest

Most of us concentrate on our patios, filling our patio pots and hanging baskets with great summer colour plants, but as the summer wanes in to winter and eventually spring arrives regular planting with winter pansies in September, autumn planting of hardy plants, winter planting of fruit trees and bushes and loads of summer border perennials in spring & summer will give you the garden that you’ve longed for.
By specialising in the best varieties, especially the new varieties you will have a garden full of colour all year round. The new varieties are bred to have more flowers and perform better than past favourites although we keep the best of those too.
We concentrate our plant selection from UK based growers. These long cultured relationships mean the best plants, the best service and constant fed back between us so that you have the best plants for your garden and home. UK nurseries are scrupulous with plant hygiene & bio-security ensuring the healthiest plants available. This is not only important for your garden but also for our native country trees and wild flowers and plants. These obviously support our native birds, insects and mammals.
Pop in regularly and let us help you choose some colourful plants to lift the garden. Regular visits will show you the changing range of plants and will inspire you to add colour to your garden for all year round interest. 
You don’t need much knowledge, we have this to share via easy to understand signage and our expert team. 

Ferndale Garden Centre’s purpose is ‘…making your world more beautiful’. 

We have the people & ideas to make this possible for you.

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Summer Promise
Summer gardening in the UK is predictably unpredictable. Some summers the sun hides, the rain falls excessively and the warm evenings we crave don't materialise. However, even in the poorest of summers, watering your pots, patio planters & containers is still essential. Evaporation rates are high and your patio plants will dry out. Check Daily

We select the best plants for our region so that you are guaranteed successful & flourishing garden plants in your borders. 

Knowing our local climate, even when it’s changing, is vital for good gardens. This means you don’t need to spend much time or knowledge nurturing your new plants. There’s always a little variance in gardens but we aim to minimise the risks for you. 

We are so confident that your will have success that we guarantee your plants bought from us, to flourish when planted as we advise & when planted in your garden borders. 

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Ferndale Daisy only

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