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Autumn is the perfect time for planting hardy even though we might feel reluctant to garden ourselves.

When you plant hardy plants in autumn below the soil surface new roots start to grow, even when the tops are loosing there leaves. In autumn your garden soil is warm after a summer of warming sunlight. This stimulates the roots and as it’s definitely going to rain a lot more and pest and diseases reduce too.

New roots mean your plants become better established, need less watering in the first spring and summer and stronger growing plants are more resistant to pest and diseases.

So wrap up warm, come and choose some incredibly colourful plants and plant now.

Ferndale Garden Centre’s aim is ‘to make your world more beautiful’. This gives us a specific direction when choosing plants and products for our customers to select from. Beauty is well known to be in the eye the beholder, and as such we know that this means we have different views and aspirations. However if you live in a home with a garden or an apartment with limited space. like to have beauty around you every day, are short of time and happy investing in those things that make you happy and want to enjoy the experience too we select, create and show you ideas that we know will make your world more beautiful.

Christmas Ferndale Garden Centre Is Still Open

Christmas is here!
This year has seen many challenges with imports from the Far East. Not only have transport issues, the lack of shipping contains, space on ships and then a shortage of UK transport, there has been an major issue for any product from cars to Christmas Lights that contain a micro-chip.
We are expecting the full range in time to decorate your home. Some of our larger Christmas range will be available online but for local delivery only.
Ferndale Daisy only

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