How to choose plants for patio pots and hanging baskets


Selecting patio & bedding plants isn’t difficult but if you place without a simple plan you will never see the potential they could have.

Using the Thriller, Filler & Spiller principle with a small range of plants will give you amazing results that people will comment on, and you never need to tell them how you did it.

Thrillers include

  • Zonal Geraniums
  • Upright Fuchsias
  • Cordylines

Fillers include

  • Petunias

Spillers include

  • Basket / Patio Pot packs
  • Lobelia
  • Surfinias
  • Calibrachoa (Million Bells)

2020 Notes

The Coronavirus crisis has hit everyone everywhere. The impact on summer colour bedding plants is that with garden centres being closed the nurseries that grow your summer bedding plants couldn’t pot the stock for May & June since the plants for sale to us and then you for March and April were still filling their greenhouses. The early sales would normally create the space for later crops. It’s possible the main crops might be avaialbelater than ususal as the industry catches up. We will offer what we can

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