Seed Potatoes

Seed Potatoes are specially grown, disease free potatoes that you plant into pots, bags or your veg. plot in late spring.

Potatoes are damaged by frost so planting the later should avoid frost damage on the new young foliage.

Potatoes are divided into three groups, ‘firsts’, ‘seconds’ and ‘main’ crop.

Firsts (1st) potatoes are usually grown for classic new potatoes and are the first to be harvested in late june or July. from planting to harvest takes about 7-8 weeks. Plant from march in warm soil and cover with frost protection such as a cloche tunnel.

Seconds (2nd) produce their crop after the firsts and before main crops. They take around 13 weeks from planting to harvest. Plant April to avoid frosts.

Main crop potatoes are the type to grow for bigger tubers that can be stored through the winter. Typically these potatoes are the ones used for boiled, baked and chips. The take around 20 weeks from planting to harvest. Plant April to avoid the frosts.

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