Why feed your garden birds?

Feeding Birds makes sense not only for the birds but also for your garden.

If the garden birds can become accustomed to feeding in your garden all year round they will also feed on the grubs & insects pest on your plants.

Britain’s gardens are an essential feeding, breeding and habitat for many native wild birds. The green ribbons of properties in and between urban environments allow wild birds life and flourish. However, regular, all year round feeding persuades them that your a safe bet for sustenance no matter what the weather.  

It’s worth noting that smaller birds need high energy feeds in greater relative quantity in winter. Small birds use a lot of energy just to keep warm. High energy feeds often include a lot of fat.

Why birds are good for your garden

Birds eat a lot of bugs. As we become more conscious of the environment that we live in its always great to find way to control insect pests in our gardens. By creating a ‘famous’ bird refuelling station in your garden, our native birds will linger longer and roost in your garden plants. While they do they won’t be able to resist caterpillars, aphids and other grubs that are eating your prized plants. 

How to feed wild birds

Traditionally wooden bird tables have been the main site for feeding birds in the UK but more recently metal ‘feeding stations’ have been very popular. Usually consisting of shaped metal tubes in black paint you can hang a variety of feeders onto the hooks.

If you have a mini orchard siting one amongst the trees means the birds have a protected roost before feeding and will eat overwintered pest eggs & then the live grubs in spring on their way on & off your feeding station.

Feeding stations can incorporate drinking bowls too and because of the design they are less susceptible to predator cats.

Wrens are one of the most prolific UK birds but often missed or mistaken for sparrows.

What bird foods attract which birds?

Great Tit

Mealworms, Peanuts


Nyjer Seed

House Sparrow



Sunflower Hearts, Mealworms, Robin Mix



Great Spotted Woodpecker

Peanut, Sunflower Seed

Song Thrush

Mealworms, Peanuts


Sunflower Hearts, Nyjer Seed



Blue Tits

Sunflower Hearts, Energy Balls


Sunflower Seed

Information provided by Peckish Bird foods

Feeding Garden Birds

  • Feed all year round to create a known feeding station.
  • Feed a variety of food types to attract a wide range of native birds.
  • Always have water for drinking available.
  • Use feeders that larger birds can’t feed from enabling smaller birds to feed.
  • Use squirrel proof feeders and or protective screens to prevent them.
  • Feed in places that cats can’t reach. 

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