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The best summer gardens are created in advance. Planting now with the best plants will make all the difference to your summer garden. 

Most of us concentrate on our patios filling our patio pots and hanging baskets with great summer colour plants. We specialise in the best varieties especially the new varieties. The new varieties are bred to have more flowers and perform better than past favourites. 
Pop in and let us help you choose some colourful plants to lift the garden and your summer.
Ferndale Garden Centre’s aim is ‘to make your world more beautiful’. This gives us a specific direction when choosing plants and products for our customers to select from. Beauty is well known to be in the eye the beholder, and as such we know that this means we have different views and aspirations. However if you live in a home with a garden or an apartment with limited space. like to have beauty around you every day, are short of time and happy investing in those things that make you happy and want to enjoy the experience too we select, create and show you ideas that we know will make your world more beautiful.

May & June - a busy
but rewarding time.

Spring slips into summer quietly in May & June. The night temperatures improve, and this enables us all to plant tender plants for a beautiful summer. Treat your lawn using the latest lawn treatments which are applied repeatedly during the spring and summer unlike the traditional one hit applications. Call in and find out more. Missed out on your garden furniture last year?
Call in & order, for delivery within days of ordering!
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