We love dogs!


Ferndale Garden centre is a dog friendly garden centre. We always have been. The directors have dogs so we understand that you’d like to have them with you and obviously you can’t leave them in your car on a hot day.

Olive and Freddie

We invite you to bring your dogs with you, the only thing we ask is that you don’t allow your dogs to wee or poo in the garden centre.


Some dogs, usually male dogs, like to mark their territory be weeing. As you can imagine we can’t let them do this as they often want to wee on plants and other items for sale. We ask you to watch your dogs as you walk through and around Ferndale.  Perhaps take you dogs onto the lawn first before coming in, especially if they haven’t been ‘out’ for a while.


We’d prefer it if you took your pooch for a walk before coming in so that they get a chance to poo before you visit. If they should have a poo on Ferndale’s property as a good and well behaved owner we know you will have poo bags with you and we expect you to clear up after them.

We understand dogs have accidents. If this is in the garden centre we expect you to clean it up too.

Coffee Shop

"you've got food"

We are quite happy for you to take you dog with you into the coffee shop BUT only under the first few tables near the entrance in the area with dark coloured flooring. It’s essential that your dogs don’t appear above the table tops for hygiene reasons. This includes small dogs too, the ones you might often have as a lap dog.


If your dog has a quick bark we can cope with that, but if your dogs continue to bark we will ask you to leave the indoor areas of the coffee shop. We have undercover tables where you can move to if you have already ordered your meal. Please let one of our team know that you’ve moved tables.

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