Successful Patio Gardening – Summer


A summer patio, terrace or deck overflowing with summer flowers is loved by everyone. All too often the lovely fresh & strong growing plants run out of steam, may become insect ridden & diseased leading to disappointment.

The same rules for healthy plants grown in your garden borders apply to pots, baskets & containers but failing to understand this leads to very poor plant growth because garden soil naturally contains nutrients but compost only holds a little food which is quickly used up.

The simple rules of healthy plants are plenty of water when needed & a sufficient supply of the correct types of plant food. All garden plants need sufficient light too. This tends to be less of a problem for patio gardens but putting a shade lover in the full sun is just plain cruel.

When to plant

The ‘bedding season’ as the trade knows it was a 6 week period but now you can plant pots & baskets most of the year. Growers have realised our lives don’t always fit to the traditional production cycles, and now grow colourful plants for pots so you can just drop in & find something to brighten your patio or doorstep. Ask for advise if you’re not sure what to what to plant together.

Strong healthy plants

Always plant the strongest & healthiest plants in pots & baskets. modern plant varieties have been bred to flower repeatedly with you only having to remove a few fading flowers. Keep them performing at their best with the correct feeds. Find out more here.

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the best food will change your results forever

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