Spring Trend – it’s about to explode

Spring Trend – its about to explode

Green expression packed with colourful contrasts

Don’t want your garden to be an oasis? This style trend turns your outdoor area into a crazy jumble giving you bursts of energy when you walk through it.

There are people who seek serenity and calm in their garden, but if you’re someone who enjoys being bombarded with texts, push messages and updates, you will want to have some liveliness on your patio or balcony as well. An overload of colour and cheerful elements create an exotic atmosphere in which everything swings and dances. The odd clash is fine, so don’t worry about putting bright pink and flaming red mini-petunias side by side, or creating a colourful line of pink daisies and blue anemones or lavender. To reinforce the exotic effect, mix colourful callas, bright azaleas and flamboyant African bush daisies. The more extravagant the better – with this trend you celebrate spring flamboyantly and exuberantly.

More is more

For a playful approach with your materials: retro shapes in modern plastic or sleek pots to which you apply your own interesting bacteria print – pure 80s style. Apply the same devil-may-care approach to the plants. A gnarly olive goes in a colourful pot, a smart fig in a planter with polka dots. Also combine plants which would never be seen together in the wild. The kiwi power plant has a frivolous impact on the stately rhododendron. Exotic citrus trees and hibiscus have an infectious effect on native sage and ranunculus. It turns walking around your garden into an unforgettable experience.

Exotic and high contrast

The colours are bright and primary. Think of red, green and blue, supplemented with black and pink, graphic designs and jungle themes. If it’s all a bit too dizzying, you can reduce the psychedelic effect by applying the main colours uniformly and allowing the flowers to provide the motley effect. The examples below will help you get started. If you combine within the scheme, the energetic effect will come of its own accord. Below is our handy colour chart with all the Pantone reference numbers you will need to recreate this style in your garden. You can have your colours easily mixed at your nearest DIY or paint shop with these colour codes!

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