Spring: Potted


The winter of 2017/18 doesn’t want to leave us (UK). The “Beast from the East” did have a sting in its tail leaving the UK blanketed in snow, and London closed for a day or two. As soon as the snow has gone we all notice how awful our gardens look. The answer is “Spring : Potted”

A quick fix, to draw your eye away from the spring reboot, is to plant a spring pot or two for your front door step. Creating focal points in your garden is a good tip for simple garden design but really comes into it’s own when a bit of spring potting is needed.

Potted spring flower bulbs, primroses, hellebores, heucheras and violas are ready for you to fill a colourful container of new seasons joy. If you have pots ready filled from last years summer bedding you can loosen it and just plant your new potted bulbs and colourful primroses straight into it. When you come to plant your favourite summer pots replace the old compost with fresh compost.

As soon as you thaw out plant your pots and enjoy some instant colour.

Primrose (Primulas) give instant colour to dull winter pots.
Potted spring flower bulbs are easy to pop into the compost.

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