Senetti – the saviour of cold northern springs

Senetti_the saviour of cold northern springs

The early spring can be such a frustrating time for adding colour to pots and patios. Thankfully we have amazing pansies and viola varieties due to plant breeding but the real plus is ‘Senetti’ – the saviour of cold northern springs.

As the weather improves after winter, spring in the UK has a habit of stalling, and we all wish we might be able to plant lots of summer colour bedding plants as soon as possible. However,  it’s just too cold, especially at night.

Then a few years ago along came Senetti. This amazing plant comes into bloom from March or early April and repeat flowers for months. They tolerate cold nights and even a light frost with no damaging effect. Every year the range of colours increases and the newer varieties are more compact and look even better in your patio pots.

Senetti is bought as a bigger plant rather than in packs of bedding and one plant immediately fills a pot and creates a big impact. Under plant with violas for a fuller look still.

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