House plants for your dark side

Plants you can grow without sunlight

Every home has a shady room where we would like to grow indoor plants. Read on for ideas.

Even in a dark room there are some indoor plants that will thrive because they grow in shade areas wherever they come from around the world. So make time to invest in a few houseplants to brighten up your home. But less sunlight in our homes means less sunlight for our plants. Luckily, some varieties can thrive with very little natural light.These shade-loving plants will happily withstand the winter months. Alternatively, use them to brighten up a windowless office or bathroom, or dimly lit basement flat.

Maidenhair fern

An explosion of beautiful feathery foliage, the maidenhair fern is the perfect marriage of majesty and delicacy. Put one in a hanging basket to make foliage the focal point of your space. But don’t place it near the window! Partial shade and regular watering (to mimic the conditions of the forest floor) will keep your fair maiden happy.

Heart-shaped philodendron

Allow the lush green, glossy heart-shaped leaves of this striking indoor climber to cascade from a bookshelf, or train its vines to climb up a post. Allow the top inch of soil to dry out before watering.

Spider plant

Another plant well known for its air-cleaning abilities is the trusty spider plant. Great for those leading hectic lives, it’s an easy-care plant that can weather the conditions in most rooms in the house and won’t be too demanding on your time. And the best part? Its long, soft spikes, which can produce cascading plantlets, making it a great mantelpiece statement.

Peace lily

The star attraction of the peace lily has to be its beautifully delicate-looking trumpet-like flowers. But don’t be fooled by appearances – this hardy plant is as tough as old boots and will keep thriving even if you occasionally forget to water it. This would make a beautiful addition to a dimly lit bathroom.

Devil’s ivy

This southeast Asian climber, devil’s ivy also known as the money plant, boasts beautiful golden-flecked foliage and is surprisingly easy to grow. It’s also known for its air-purifying properties so makes an ideal desk plant in a dimly lit, air-conditioned office.


Bring a touch of the tropics into your home this winter with the flamboyant and exotic bromeliad, celebrated for its rainbow of thick, colourful bracts in red, gold and green. Despite hailing from sunny, tropical climes, this vibrant plant thrives in the shade (and can even be grown in fluorescent lighting.


The good news is this plant will delight you with its beautiful variegated foliage. The bad news it will make you work for the pleasure. Although the Calethea will thrive away from direct sunlight, its soil must stay moist, which means frequent watering. It doesn’t like being too cold either, so don’t leave it anywhere drafty.

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