Garden Birds Deep Winter Rescue

Garden Birds Deep Winter Rescue

You are probably all sorted now during the Siberian spring weather, but have thought and then take action to help your garden birds. Have a garden birds deep winter rescue plan.

Small birds loose heat rapidly due to their large surface area compared to the body volume. To stay warm they need lots of high energy food. Suet/Fat balls, pellets, seeds and dried mealworms are all ideal. make sure that your feeders are full and replenished regularly. If you feed all year your garden birds will expect you to carry on.


With all natural sources of water completely frozen, we have to provide water in a bird bath or a plant saucer. Unfortunately it will need replacing regularly as it freezes.

If your family is forced to be away from school and work make bird rescue a family event and create a bird refueling station today in your garden.

High Energy Bird Food

Don’t forget to plant berrying plants this year. They will help bring birds to your garden with natural food. Read more here :

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