Plant Your Own Miniature Fairy Garden in a Container


Miniature fairy gardens are perfect for small spaces and a great way to get kids involved in gardening.

This is extremely popular in the USA and the trend is working its way over to our shores too.

It also a great use for any broken pots you might have.  

Ferndale is the first Garden Centre in the region to hunt down the ranges needed to start a miniature garden. You can find everything you need at Ferndale to create an amazing magical miniature fairy garden for yourself.

Tips for planting a miniature garden.

  • Try to make the garden look like a real size garden by keeping the plants in proportion. Small leaved bush plants are great. Trimmed young conifers are great too.
  • Use gravel, & flat stones to create paths & patios. Put them in last but one. Add miniature furniture (like the size of dolls furniture) last of all.
  • Be prepared to replant & ‘redecorate’ in the future.
  • Use any container to plant them. Even the unusual such as an old attaché case, a champagne box, a toilet bowl, or a broken terracotta pot. For more ideas image search online, looking for ‘miniature gardens’ or ‘fairy gardens’.
  • If growing indoors beware of over watering & also any drainage water that might ‘leak’ out.
  • You can mix indoor & out door plants for an indoor garden.
  • Use fresh new compost & if the garden is in a container without holes crunch up some barbecue charcoal & mix if thoroughly through the compost before planting. This helps keep the compost ‘sweet’. About 3 chunks should do.
  •  Don’t be frightened to trim or snip plants to keep them bushy. If it’s a flowering plant don’t trim too often as you might keep cutting off the flower buds even when you can’t see them.

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