Christmas Star : The Poinsettia

Christmas Star: The Poinsettia is the Christmas houseplant. Known throughout Europe, when translated, as Christmas Star is a quick and easy way to make your home a Christmas home.

Poinsettias are thought to be difficult to keep but since most of our homes have central heating & double glazing Poinsettias will thrive. Your Christmas Star Poinsettia doesn’t like draughts or cold nights. Place in a light spot but out of direct sunlight. Do not over water. This will certainly kill your Christmas Star. They look best when you place in a pot cover but make sure that you don’t leave water standing in the bottom of the pot. Water then make sure the excess water has drained away before placing it back in the pot cover.

Poinsettias have been bred to suit modern homes & are now also available in a variety of colours. Red, the original colour, is still the most popular colour, but there are many other shades and colours that might suit your decor. You can have poinsettias throughout your home in different colours to make your home feel very Christmassy. Larger plants make a big impact but the smallest plants can be used in simple arrangements or in small pot covers.

Consider a Christmas star for your desk at work.

Caring for your Christmas Star Poinsettia

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