Thanks Plants!

Plants are essential in our lives.

Let’s give them something back!
Plants. When you think about plants, you might be tempted to think of the Sansevieria that used to sit on your grandparents’ windowsill, or that cactus which has been put in a corner of a meeting room.  But what about everything else in the great outdoors? And what about the vegetables you eat? It is not called the plant kingdom for nothing. Plants provide us with an enormous abundance of riches.


Plants are essential for life on earth. It was thanks to the presence of plants that there was once enough oxygen in the air and there was food available. As autotrophs (which convert sunlight into energy through their photosynthetic capacities) they are the main producers of oxygen and the basis of most food chains. Animals could only start to live on land after the plants had colonised the land. Way back in the … Silurian period is where our history lesson about plants begins. There was enough oxygen in the air thanks to the presence of plants. So, no oxygen without plants. No animals without plants. No food without plants. No life without plants


It has now been proven that plants:

  1. can lower blood pressure, which strengthens our immune system.
  2. significantly encourage stress recovery, and three instant stress relief tips are provided here.
  3. provide more relaxation and more energy. How? You can read about it & DIY here.
  4. can purify the air. Breathe in… with these 12 plants with air purifying powers.
  5. have many more superpowers. Did you know that there is even a plant that helps to stop snoring? We mean it. As well as an anti-snoring plant, you will discover even more plants with special names here to help you remember plants. The more the better.


In these times of electronic over-stimulation and global turmoil, Shinrin-yoku is quickly becoming the latest wellness trend. By getting in contact with nature more, you connect with your own nature again. Immerse yourself in this latest wellness trend through this article and this beautiful book.


Once you have read Natascha Boudewijns Shinrin-yoku book you will be convinced about how the power of nature can change your life. You’ll find more written inspiration (made from the papyrus plant, incidentally) in these 12 most beautiful plant books. Perfect for that time of year when the leaves begin to fall from the trees – and we, in turn, are invited to return to our own core.


Plants do so much for us, so it’s nice when we do something in return, isn’t it? Give them a lovely home. Make an effort to get to know these living things. Play classical music for them and say nice things to them. They really will flourish. And take care of them as if they were your dog or cat. They are a life. They are life itself.

Thanks Plants.