african violet pot cover

The African Violet

Although endangered in Africa, they were Britain’s favourite and most popular houseplants for decades (it’s Moth Orchids now). They are only suitable to be grown inthe UK as an indoor plant.

The second flush of flowers is better than the first.

African Violets need shade in summer & more light in winter. Stand your African Violet on an east or west facing windowsill from Spring to Autumn & move to a brighter windowsill facing south during winter.

They like a humid atmosphere but mustn’t stand in water. Humidity is a measure of the dampness of the air. Central heating will dry out the air in your home and for many plants misting is ideal BUT NOT FOR AFRICAN VIOLETS. Create the required humidity by standing you plant on a tray or saucer filled with gravel. pour water into the saucer / tray but it must not be visible above the top of the gravel. This will prevent your African Violet from being over-watered.

Your Saintpaulia should flower many times during the year. Occasions feeding with a high potash feed will help them flower more.

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