Seaweed + Sequest.Iron 500ml

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Seaweed plus Sequestered Iron is a great tonic for lime hating plants

Helping plants to develop healthy foliage and intense flower colour, Seaweed with Sequestered Iron is a multipurpose liquid fertiliser that can be used around the garden and even on lawns.

An excellent choice for treating acid-loving plants such as rhododendrons and azaleas, Seaweed with Sequestered Iron can be applied throughout the growing season.

Seaweed with Sequestered Iron:

Corrects iron deficiency, preventing yellowing of the leaves in lime-hating plants
Encourages the development of healthy foliage
Can be used on lawns to ‘green up’ and toughen turf
This feed’s versatility ensures it can be used for the garden, ericaceous plants, fruit, perennials, shrubs, vegetables and lawns.

When using in the garden, Seaweed with Sequestered Iron can be used as a drench by thoroughly wetting the plant leaves. If using to support ericaceous plants such as heathers or camellias, apply once a month during the growing season.

For all other bedding plants, fruits and shrubs, this adaptable feed can be applied once a month but should not be sprayed on blooms or fruits as it may stain.

Ferndale Daisy only