Raspberry Tulameen 3 canes

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Raspberry Tulameen 3 canes


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Tulameen Raspberry Canes offer late summer fruiting with large berries that will crop heavily for an extremely long period. The exceptionally large, bright, glossy berries are firm, very sweet and aromatic.

Tulameen will produce a heavy single crop that goes on for several weeks in the summer. Fruiting canes should be cut back to the ground when plants are dormant; be careful not to cut down any of the new canes, which will fruit next year.

At this point, tie up the new canes before the winter winds lash them around, and when spring comes, your raspberries will be ready for the crowds of bumble bees that love to pollinate them for you. Just like climbing roses, horizontal branches of cane fruits produce more bloom and hence more fruit, so keep them trained along the wires as close to horizontal as possible.

Raspberries need good drainage but lots of water and fertiliser.

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