Plant Guard

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Plant Guard


Plant Guard Organic Spray protects plants from bugs and diseases by physical action. It creates a residual barrier on leaves to limit disease spore germination but also removes bugs, fungal spores, dust and grease from the plant preventing pest from laying eggs ans also allows maximum light for photosynthesis.

It also contains a micorized seaweed extract to stimulate growth.

Insect attack

Apply ever 5-7 days when you see insects then at monthly intervals during sprig and summer to protect and strengthen the plants.

Disease protection

Spraying regular at monthly intervals preferably before you see infection. This is especially important if you had rose black spot last year. Prevention is better than cure.

Plant Guard does not contain any ‘active ingredients’, that is there are no pesticides in this product. It uses organic surfactants to seperate & wash.

Children & pets may be allowed in the sprayed area once it is dry. Edible crops can be harvested on the same day.

Ferndale Daisy only