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Ideal for sowing seeds and cutting. Levington Seed and Cutting Compost has been specially formulated with coir to provide moisture balance and all the vital minerals for a great start of your plants.

How to Use

For seed sowing: Fill a clean seed tray with the seed and cutting compost, level off with your hand or a ruler. Firm lightly and water using a fine rose. Sow the seeds thinly and evenly. Cover the seeds when necessary with their own depth of compost, firming lightly. For smaller seeds such as Petunia or Lobelia there is no need to cover with compost.

To retain water, cover the seed tray or container with either glass or polythene. Make sure the tray is kept out of direct sunlight. Follow the recommendations on the seed packet for temperatures, covering the seed and for shading. When the seedlings are ready to be transplanted into individual pots, take care to handle them by the leaves and not the stems or roots.

For rooting cuttings: Take the cutting in the appropriate way according to the plant. Fill the container with Levington Seed and Cutting Compost. Place the cutting in a hole in the compost. Firm lightly, water the compost, cover to retain moisture and keep warm.

For growing on: After 4-6 weeks plants should be potted up using Levington® John Innes No.2. After that time, maintain strong growth by feeding with Miracle-Gro® Plant food.

Where to use

Ideal for all young plants.


Fills 5 standard seed trays 34cm × 21cm.

Ferndale Daisy only