John Innes Compost

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John Innes Compost

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John Innes Composts are series of different formulas designed to suit the different stages of plant growth. For Example John Innes Seed Compost speaks for itself and at potting up seedling John Innes No. 1 is used and so on to John Innes No.3. There is also a John Innes Erricaceous Compost for plants that don’t like lime in their compost. Each formula include different levels of feed, less for young plants increasing to No.3.

This is how the John Innes Institute describes the composts ” Traditionally, in the days of stacking grass turf to produce loam with a high organic matter, seven parts of loam, three parts of peat and two parts of grit-sand were hand-mixed and shredded.”  

John Innes Seed Compost

Ideal for seed sowing & taking cuttings. It has added drainage to remove excess water from the compost. Too wet & the roots can rot & mildew & fungus can set in. Always warm seed compost in the sowing receptacle in your home for 24 hours before sowing. Water with clean water. Water from a water butt may be full of mildrew spores. Tepid tap water is fine.

Tip: don’t sow too early as the resulting seedlings will need a growing on place which might need to be heated. If you don’t have a greenhouse this will be a problem. Sow much later – fast growing plants catch up and accelerate past early sowings.

John Innes No.1

John Innes No. 1 is the first potting compost to transfer your seedlings into. It has low nutrient but it is anticipated that you will pot onto the final potting either John Innes No.2 or John Innes No.3. It contains no Green Waste.

John Innes No.2

Westland John Innes Potting-on Compost feeds and establishes for a healthier plant life. Developed specially to help all young plants and ensure healthy root and shoot development. It develops strong, & healthy plants. It has food for up to 5 weeks, with added Potassium humate for root & shoot growth. It contains no Green Waste.

John Innes No.3

John Innes No. 3 Compost is part of the John Innes formula for potting composts. The John Innes principle is that you use different composts for different stages of plant growth. John Innes No.3 is the final potting stage with feed lasting about five weeks. Liquid feeding or slow release feeds like Gro-Sure All Purpose 6 month food after 5 weeks.

Winter & spring Tip:

Warm your compost before repotting or sowing seeds by filling trays or pots & bring them inside into the warmth for a day at least.

Ferndale Daisy only