Hydro Pods

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Hydro Pods

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Here for the first time plants can be grown ‘hydroponically’, that is without soil in nutrient-rich solutions easily & in a presentable way in your home. It won’t look as though you imported something from your school days lab. The Hydro Pod enables fast & easy growing of vegetables, herbs, salad greens & more, throughout the year – ideal for difficult to germinate seeds. Just sit it on the windowsill.

Growing in a dark room or especially in winter is taxing & frustrating. With the self-watering, self-feeding indoor garden with LED Grow Light; with Hydro-Pod anyone can be a gardener. in the most difficult conditions. Using the latest LED lighting ‘tuned’ to the correct wavelengths for growing your results will be just as you wish.

In your Hydro Pod plants are surrounded by perfectly calibrated nutrition all of the time; exactly what they need for optimum growth. This means faster growing times.
The professional full spectrum LED light with an auto timer for optimum growth at any time of year.

Ferndale Daisy only