Heuchera Forever Purple


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Heuchera Forever Purple are grown mainly for their leaf colour and varied foliage. They produce slim stems of flowers that bloom in the summer and they are attractive to butterflies. The colour looks fabulous in any garden setting but they are also just as attractive in pots, beds and borders.

They are very tolerant and easy to grow in terms of environmental conditions. They like the sun, shade, drought and they are even found at seaside locations. Easily grown in a fertile and a good well drained soil, the plant can reach a height of 30cm and a spread of 56cm. The height of the flowers can reach around 38cm and they are in bloom from May to September.

When planting, be careful not to bury the crowns. Any winter damaged foliage should be removed in the spring.  Their multi-crown habit is rabbit and deer resistant.

Ferndale Daisy only