Henry Bell Essentials 4 Arm Complete Feeding Station

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The Henry Bell Essentials 4 Arm complete feeding station acts like a traditional bird table but with a variety of different feeders that will attract a wide range of British garden birds. It’s made to withstand the British winters for many years.

It’s very easy to assemble and includes 4 feeder hooks, 4 feeders, seed tray & water bath.

This sturdy feeding station is easy to assemble and creates a focal point for garden birds & features push button connections.

At 228cm height when assembled. It will be shorter when pushed into your lawn or garden soil. The feeders are made from a strong plastic and steel.

Feeding garden birds regularly trains them to know that when food is scarce that they can find food. This is very important in winter, but feeding only in the winter is too late for them to learn you have a refueling station.

Ferndale Daisy only