Grow Bag Waterer

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Grow Bag Watering Tray


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Watering tomatoes correctly can be tricky especially if you are out all day or on holiday. This Grow Bag Watering Tray with Reservoir continually waters the grow bag at the rate the plants need it. Using capillary action the roots draw the water out of the reservoir.

Tomatoes hat being dry but hate being water logged too. This tray avoids both and you can confidently ask a neighbour or teenager to water while you are away by just keeping the reservoir topped up & if they forget one day or the sun comes out during the day you know the plants are getting watered properly

This is the easiest way to grow plants in a grow bag with no pipes, no timers and no fuss.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Waters plants for up to 14 days
  • Healthier plants and better results thanks to the unique capillary water spikes
  • Easy to set up and re-usable
  • Prevents drought and minimise water wastage

Water Capacity is 15 litres

Ferndale Daisy only