GroSure Easy Container Comp50L

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Growing the best hanging baskets and patio pots is easy with great plants and regular feeding and watering. However, watering and feed is often neglected.

Plants absorb nutrient via their roots from soil and composts, when it’s dissolved in water. Compost that dries out reduces the nutrients the plants can receive and even well fed baskets and pots have starved plants without sufficient water.

Gro-Sure Easy Container Compost includes water holding agents that grab spare water to release it to plants as they need it. This means if you should forget to water one day the plants still have enough water. It also keeps the compost moist making it easier to absorb water the next time you soak them. This is especially important with hanging baskets.

This great compost also includes a 6 month feed so combined with the correct amount of water due to the water holding agent your plants will bloom and flourish better than ever.

  • Unique water storing granules for easy watering, acts as an insurance policy against under watering
  • Slow-release granules for 6 months feeding
  • Seaweed to encourage healthy plant growth
  • Top quality Irish moss peat for superior performance in reduced quantities
  • West+® natural fibres for stronger roots & bigger plants & reduced peat use


Ferndale Daisy only