Flopro Eco Smart Reservoir System

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The reservoir enables the use of the Eco Smart systems where a water butt is not available or has simply run out of water. This makes it ideal for holiday watering, as your water butt could run out while you are away. Simply connect to your outdoor tap and the reservoir will fill up when the system detects that your plants need watering. It also has a built in float valve meaning it will never over flow.


  • 5.7 litre capacity
  • Float valve to ensure automatic refill without overflowing
  • Easy to set up, easy to use
  • When used with an Eco Smart Solar watering system:
    • you will never forget to water again
    • Saves plants from drought, waters when you are on holiday
    • Waters every 3 hours
    • Night mode system detects darkness – switches controller off to prevent watering unnecessarily
    • A 200 litre water butt typically lasts 3 week

Set Includes

  • 5.7litre capacity container
  • Float valve
  • Hose connection clip
Ferndale Daisy only