Acer Palmatum Sieryu 3.5L

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A most attractive Japanese Maple with an upright, columnar habit. Acer palmatum ‘Seiryu’ has delicate light green foliage that turns to spectacular shades of orange, yellow and red in autumn. The leaves are finely dissected giving an almost feathery appearance. This dramatic deciduous tree makes a magnificent feature plant for a Japanese garden, rockery or large patio container. Like all of the Acers with finely dissected foliage, it will require a sheltered position out of strong sunlight and protected from drying winds.

How to Grow

Grow acer trees in any moist, fertile, well drained soil in sun or dappled shade, with shelter from strong winds which can scorch the finely cut leaves.
Water regularly throughout the growing season until acer trees are well established. Protect plants from strong winds. Acers require little pruning other than to maintain their shape. Lightly trim stems if necessary from late autumn to midwinter.
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