2kw Metal Greenhouse Electric Fan Heater

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This is a robust 2kw metal greenhouse electric fan heater designed for years of use in your greenhouse.

It has two settings a 25W fan and 2kW fan heater. The thermostatic heat control enables the 2kw heating element to switch on & off as the ambient temperature fluctuates. The constantly running 25w fan draws air in continually to monitor the air temperature and also makes sure the heat is constantly reaching all corners of the greenhouse. This helps in reduce fungal diseases.

Electric greenhouse fan heating using a thermostatically controlled heater will use less energy and has lower running costs than paraffin heating over a winter period. Paraffin heaters stay on during warmer days wasting fuel when this fan will turn the heat off.

Electric heaters lift the heat in an greenhouse 10C or so above the ambient temperature. On frosty nights your heater may not reach the higher temperatures you require so additional heating might be needed on those nights. A paraffin heater may be a good addition for those nights.

The most economical way to heat a greenhouse is to line it with UV stable bubble wrap and having a movable bubble wrap screen that you hang between the door and the opposite end. Hang as near to the far end as you can and only heat this smaller area moving the screen nearer the door as you add more plants to your greenhouse. Using this insulating technique can save you 45% of cost compared to not insulating.

This heater includes overheat protection.  It’s free-standing and portable.

CE approved

Ensure your greenhouse is adequately ventilated on warmer days to prevent condensation build up and the spread of fungal disease.

Ferndale Daisy only