Jungle January and Foliage February

Jungle January and Foliage February

Jungle January which merges into Foliage February is a celebration of great foliage plants for your home. 

Why in the middle of winter?

For some years now we’ve seen a demand for luxuriant indoor plants for homes stimulated, we think, by the vacuum created as Christmas trees, lights and decorations are packed away until next Advent. 

However, there are health & well being benefits for your homes by adding foliage plants to our stuffy, warm dwellings. It’s obvious, we believe, that keeping the windows closed, excluding draughts and containing heat makes sense, but this also locks in many man made chemicals from cleaning products, paint, plastics and the like that linger and are breathed in daily. 

NASA discovered in the late 70s that many of our most favourite plants remove these nasty chemicals from the air  absorbing them into their foliage and stems. 

So this winter when you buy and add these wonderful plants to your home you are also improving your health and well being. 

More details can be read here : Air Filtering Plants


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