Fresh herbs for your kitchen


Fresh herbs for your kitchen are a dream for most of us and an essential for many. Most herbs are easy to grow in the UK but some are meant for much warmer places than many parts of Britain. The northern parts and gardens in the hills mean a bit of care and other techniques are needed to give you a wide range of herbs.

Some herbs can be grown from year to year in your garden (perennials), some need sowing in one year can be used the following year. There are a smaller group of very popular herbs that are classed as annuals that are sown in spring for use that year.

Annuals: Basil, Coriander, Dill

Basil : Oh that Basil was easier to grow. Basil loves the Mediterranean, something it isn’t in most of the UK. Whether you sow your own plants or buy ready grown plants they are best grown in a cold greenhouse or under a cloche in pots. You can sow your own Basil in the extending range of colour ed leaves by sowing every 2-3 weeks and using the the young leaves for cooking, knowing your have a succession of fresh plants following on until autumn. Don’t sow too early especially in late springs.

Ready grown plants: We won’t stock and sell you plants until we are happy that it’s at least warm enough at night with protected growing for plants to flourish when you get home. This might mean plants aren’t available until well into May. See our notes on ‘buying herb plants and the seasons’ below.



Pot growing

Mint as a winter plus

Basil green house

Buying herb plants – seasons

Every spring we and other garden centres restock our herb displays with plants grown by specialist herb growers. These plants are grown in greenhouses with only enough heat to protect them from frost. These will include both perennial herbs and biennial herbs. The perennial herbs may not include Tarragon as this needs more warmth. The biennials

Supermarket plants

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