Autumn – Natures Natural Time for Planting

Autumn is natures natural time for planting but we’ve forgotten about it. Since we tend to be nation that doesn’t mind being outside if its warm and the days are longer once the late September arrives and it rains more often the garden is closed even if it’s just in our minds. Understandable really.

However, since our soils have been baked all summer the are very warm and amazingly any harden plant you plant will start growing new roots and continue to until mid December. This is actually really good for the plants. It means that when they have to face the drying winds of April and the baking summer sun they already have a head start on any planting you do in spring because their roots are already dirty and deep.

Autumn planted hardy garden plants settling into warm soils are also going to receive natural watering as the season advances due to increasing frequency of rain. It saves you needing to drag your watering can around the garden too. A thorough watering in at first is definitely a good idea. It washes the soils into the roots too.  The cooler weather is not conducive to insect pests either so plants aren’t likely to be eaten then either.

Shrubs, and evergreens for special Autumn and winter interest.

Japanese Maples – Acer palmatum varieties. – Growing from as short as 3 feet (90cm) to small trees of 15 feet (4.5m). they love slightly acid soil, light shade and a spot out of the morning sun and out of the wind. They have amazing autumn coloured leaves as they prepare to fall. Read more here

We have keep our deliveries arriving of fresh autumn colour plants. Come and choose from a wide range of colourful autumn and winter interest garden plants. 

Spring flowers from bulbs

As soon as you plant spring flowering bulbs their roots start to grow and as if by magic they pop through the soil surface in late winter. 

For easy selection choose from the ready mixed packs that are ready to plant with varieties that look good together and flower together.

Alternatively buy some Lasagne bulb packs selected to plant in layers to give you flowers for weeks and weeks. 

See more here.

Autumn and winter pots.

Having planted your bulbs in your patio pots, plant other plants over them on the surface of the compost. The best and most colourful are the Winter Flowering Pansies. Read more here. 

Autumn Planted Onions

There aren’t many edible crops you can plant now but the Japanese style Onion Sets can be planted now and like flower bulbs they form roots now and in spring they start swell ready to harvest in June. You can then plant a different crop straight after harvest with the crop that can grow in the warmest part of the summer still to come. 

In stock & ready to plant now are the new seasons stocks of:

  • Roses
  • Fruit trees
  • Camellias and Rhododendrons
  • Hardy Patio Plants
  • Heuchera
  • Evergreens

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