We’ve all been shocked by the amount of plastic floating around our planet especially since the TV series ‘Blue Planet 2’.

As a result it’s made us think again about plastic products. Plastic Pots, Plastic Bottles and more were already on our agenda for reductions and lowering impact. Our aim is to leave as little damaging impact on this world a possible and maximising the amount of plants planted in this region by us and especially you, our customers.


2019 UPDATE 

These TAUPE coloured pots are arriving at Ferndale Garden Centre now in increasing quantities. They are the first pots suitable for kerbside recycling.
Just drop them in your plastic recycling bin at home and your local authority will do the rest.




All black plant pots are made from recycled plastic and now taupe & other coloured pots can be collected for recycling plus the labels too at home.

We want our customers to enjoy their plants without the guilt associated with single use plastics. The great news is that for many years now ALL the black plastic pots that you take home with your outdoor plants have already been recycled once in their lives. Who’d of thought the boring black pot may once have been a coat hanger, a bottle, or a piece of packaging.

As a response to the ‘black pot issue’ a nationwide pot recycling scheme is being developed that garden centres can join to recycle pots and many of the plant carrying trays for reprocessing into other products. You can bring your old pots back for recycling. 

Remember that plants have such a big impact on air cleanliness and carbon dioxide up take. Plant as many as you can.

a recent TV program showed an allotment holder using cleaned tin cans as pots. We don’t recommend this for your own safety. The first pot grown plants for garden centres were grown in recycled cans to remove the plants the sides need to be cut open creating two long razor blades. 


Plastic Gardening Products 

Plastic is such a good product for many gardening products. Seed trays, watering cans and flower pots have changed the way we garden. 

There are some alternatives available but where plastics are the best materials our advice is to buy heavier duty, reusable and longer lasting products. Rigid seed trays should last you life time, and they’re easy to clean. A thick walled watering can, that you store out of sunlight, will also last you for years. We had to retire a thick and sturdy watering can after 40 years of use. We stock a wide range of flower pots made from recycled plastics too. Some of them used to be washing up liquid bottles.

Terracotta pots are a long lasting alternative for young plant growing. Make sure your sterilise them before each season to avoid infection of diseases. 

We are encouraging our suppliers to reduce or phase out plastic packaging this isn’t needed. Unfortunately much of it looks beautiful, but can’t be recycled. 


Garden Furniture

PArt of 2020 Garden Furniture ranges are either made from recycled plastic (see below) or from more sustainable materials – more soon. 

Dura Ocean Garden Furniture

Coffee Shop

‘Adams Ale’ fresh from Derbyshire – reduces plastic waste

We are currently sourcing as many soft drinks as we can in glass or aluminium cans for recycling. We already recycle all glass bottles. Plus from this point we are offering our great Derbyshire tap water for you to serve yourself. The remaining single use bottles we sell should be recycled with the black plant pots too. Our food waste is collected for use in Bio Waste electricity generation and our cooking fat goes for processing into fuel.

You’ll love the award winning sausages from Moss Valley Farm who are our nearest food supplier. They are only one and a half miles away.

We have been recycling all cardboard packaging from the whole site for many yeas and all our used compost and plant material is recycled in North Derbyshire to be used as soil improver.

Wherever possible we use local growers and suppliers to reduce the miles our plants and product travel. Unfortunately this region isn’t a major horticultural production area so many plants travel from the south and east to reach us. To save transport costs, and be more efficient many UK competitive production nurseries combine delivery together. This also means less carbon being released. 

Ferndale has always support British nurseries and imports very little from the continent. This also helps with BIO SECURITY. It helps reduce the introduction of imported pests & diseases. 

We are encouraging our suppliers to increase the amount of recyclable packaging for future ranges or reduce it.

As we improve our buildings we increase the insulation within the structures and have installed a heating control that reduces the amount of fuel oil we use and thus reduces our carbon dioxide emissions.

Well this sound like an environmental police now doesn’t it?


From the very start of the peat issues in the 1980s we have stocked peat free and lower peat content composts, even when the early mixes still heated up in the their bags. 

Modern products such as Westland’s NEW HORIZON compost range that doesn’t include Green waste which means better performance and consistency. 

find out more here:

Westland New Horizon Compost 60 Litres

All our checkout team are able to explain the best composts for your use & which are peat free or peat reduced. 

How you can help:

  • Don’t stand in the garden centres doorways letting the heat out, especially the electric doors.
  • Choose soft drinks in cans or glass bottles. Fill your own water bottles
  • Teach your children and grandchildren about litter, waste and keeping Britain tidy & GARDENING
  • Plant as many plants as you can and fill your home with air filtering indoor plants. Encourage your work place, school, college and church to do the same.
  • Produce your own soil improving compost from kitchen & garden waste. 
  • Only shop at Ferndale Garden Centre and reduce your fuel miles (yes – you know it makes sense).