More Summer Roses?

More Summer Roses

Summer roses are still one of the most popular garden plants in the UK. gone are the days, for most of us, of long beds of the same variety of roses & with the introduction of new varieties including the great English Roses from David Austin roses are more often planted in mixed borders with shrubs & hardy perennials.

Most of our common garden roses start flowering in late spring & will repeat flowering until the autumn frosts but with a little help, they will perform even better.

Follow these 3 simple tips for great roses:

  • after the first flush of flowers trim the fading flowers off just above a leaf lower down the stem. a new stem grows from here & flowers within a few weeks.
  • Spray regularly with a rose fungicide premixed with a pest killer such as Westland Rose Rescue or the NEW surfactant Ecofective Rose Defender*
  • feed after the first flush with a dedicated rose feed such as TopRose Food. Rose foods have a higher proportion of POTASH in them to promote lots of flowers.


Trimming or pruning your summer roses doesn’t need heavy duty pruners but slim pointed ‘snips’ prove to be the best. The Burgon & Ball Pointed Nose Snips are ideal & very popular with our plant teams at Ferndale Garden Centre.

Roses in pots

We recommend feeding with Gro-Sure All Purpose 6 Month Feed for the best results. High in potash it’s ideal for roses & other flowering plants in pots & you only need to apply once a season.

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