Spring is natures way of saying “let’s party” – Robin Williams

Spring is natures way of saying-lets-party – Robin Williams

Spring is a time of new growth & fresh beginnings. Spring flowers bulbs such as Snowdrops, Crocus, Daffodils & Tulips are the natural way to lift your garden & yourself out of the winter blues. Spring is natures way of saying “let’s party” – Robin Williams
The very best displays in pots & borders are created by planting the bulbs now.

Each bulb contains wrapped up inside everything that’s needs to produce the dramatic explosion of colour we take for granted. It rally is the very easiest gardening you can do. Plant the bulbs, wait, enjoy. that’s all there is to it. Don’t miss out plant spring flower bulbs now. Great fun for families too.
We agree with Robin Williams – Let’s get the party started

The forgotten season

Autumn, that slightly strange period between the beginning of September when many years it’s really summer, and the End of November when all the leaves have fallen off the trees. autumn has become a forgotten season or at best that dull damp, cold period before we can have the fun, lights & colour of the Christmas period. This is especially so for many of us in the garden. As soon as the days shorten & the only ‘gardening time is weekend when it’s “probably going to rain”. However a little preparation & a little time in your autumn garden will reap many benefits.

& should be fun too.

The spring flowering bulbs mentioned above are really so easy, it’s a crime (or should be), not to plant them in their ‘dry’ state. By dry state we mean as loose bulbs that are dry to touch & come in packs. All you need to do is dig a small hole at last twice the depth of the width of the bulb, and cover them with soil. a label or stick pushed in above them will remind you where they are before they show their fresh green shoots in late winter.

Many hardy spring flower bulbs can be planted in pots to bring onto your windowsill for you to enjoy.

Most spring bulbs have varieties that are ideal for pots. Choose the shorter ones as they perform better in winder spots. Plant the dry bulbs in layer inside the pot starting with the bigger bulbs lower down & the smallest at the top. This layer planting is often called ‘Lasagne’ planting – just like the layers in a Lasagne. you will find some packs already with the types of bulbs for Lasagne planting already chosen for you. Lasagne planting could give you 10-12 weeks of flowers.

Lasagne planting - roots grow almost immediately
In late winter the earlier bulbs start to flower
Each layer flowers & follows the previous one.
Eventually the last one to flower -usually tulips.
Add winter pansies to the pot for flowers all autumn, winter spring.

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