From 9.00 Wednesday 13th May we will be open for customers again.

As with all of our lives normal has changed. Not only do we have the safe spacing & hygiene protocols to follow when shopping at Ferndale Garden Centre but the impact on the plants and products that you might normally buy has been affected too.

We have plenty of stock of most of your favorite plants and products but some ranges have odd items missing as they didn’t arrive before the lock down or have not been grown.


You know we love plants and we love helping you choose plants for your garden. We have an outdoor plant department that is full of great plants. 99% of the plants we have were delivered before the lockdown and have grown into beautiful full plants ready to plant now. Some plants have finished flowering but are still lovely plants.

With the hardy garden plant area full, there hasn’t been any space or the team to take new deliveries. Some of the expected plants may be missing but we have alternatives.

You may have seen early in the lockdown the tragedy of millions of plants being composted due to lack of sales during April. This also affected the important Easter weekend gardening time. The reasons for scrapping & composting these plants was to make space for later crops. Thisleft a gap in some bedding plant supplies. We will do our very best to find alternatives from our great British nursery growers.

Summer Bedding Crisis

The one plant group that has suffered the most from the supply blockage is summer bedding / patio plant group. The nurseries were loaded ready to sell with millions of pansies, violas, & primroses for sales when it was chilly in early spring. By not selling these plants there hasn’t been the space to grow your Petunias, Marigolds, Fuchsias, Lobelia and similar summer plants. Lobelia may well be missing all the way through the season.

Need advice?

You know we have always given good gardening advice. Please understand that we may not be able to spend as much time as normal due to staff numbers & customer numbers. We do have some of our team still unable to work leaving us short.


Our houseplants range is temporalily narrow but will soon return to its glorious levels.

Gardening supplies

These too have been affected by lack of deliveries during the lockdown. For example we received our new delivery of garden canes except the 8′ size. They will arrive eventually when the supply lines start they will come (we hope).


Compost sales in the UK this spring are already nearly double on last season as people grow their own and have fun together sowing seeds. We have good stocks of most composts & we have large orders placed with our suppliers for more stock. There is temporary supply problem with the manufacturers due to high demand . We hope that the orders we have will give us continuity but you may have to choose other than your normal choice.

Garden Furniture

We have received all our initial deliveries before lockdown, but future supplies are very limited. If you plan on staying in your garden more this year & won’t be able to travel away for your summer holidays DO NOT DELAY choosing & buying.

Safety on site

You can see from the poster above that we have all the necessary hygiene & safety protocols in place for all our protection. We know that you will honour that too.

Please think about your visit before hand, prepare a wish list and be prepared to look for alternatives if you can’t find what you normally have. For example, Lobelia plants are like gold dust but we have other amazing plants that you may find give you an even better patio this year.

Please stay safely 2m apart from others including our team. Please follow instructions from our team members when visiting Ferndale Garden Centre. We may well remind you to observe the 2m safe spacing distance both between you and other customers & ourselves. Please don’t take offence. We all need to do our bit to protect each other and the NHS.

We are unable to allow public use in our toilets due to safe spacing not being possible.

We prefer that older & health compromised customers continue to stay at home in the safety of their own homes. Please consider offering to collect for elderly neighbours, relatives and others in quarantine.

We will give a trolley to each customer or 2 individuals from a household, to help with spacing and hygiene. Each trolley will be cleansed between customers. Please return your trolley to the front door after shopping.

We are using a ratio of 1 person per 1000 square feet to limit customer numbers on site. This will entail counting customers in and out of the business. This will mean queueing in the car park during busy times. We have a safe queueing system in place. Please try to shop in a way that allows others to follow you quickly as we expect demand to be high.

We will only accept payment by card & will not take any payment by cash. Please prepare to bring your cards with you.

You can still order a range of products online for delivery for £5 in the local area. Minimum order value £40.

At the check out we will ask you to place your trolley on to the letter ‘T’ on the check out floor & then pass to the safe marking beyond the till while one of our team processes your purchases. When our part is complete we will ask you to step forward to use the card machines. These are on a long lead distancing them from our team member.

Please remember to return your trolley to the front door after shopping.

The coffee shop is closed until further notice.

Welcome back

Ferndale Garden Centre doesn’t exist without you and we are delighted to be opening again even with so many restrictions. We will all be challenged by the new era we find ourselves in & we will serve you with the very best service and ranges that we have always strived to do.

We ask for your understanding when some aspects can’t be met in the way they are in other springs. We will do our best to offer explanations & alternatives. It may well be that the Ferndale Garden Centre we’ve know never returns to the old ways of operating. Only time will tell.

Helen, Linda & Neil.