Wrangler Barbecue


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The Outlaw charcoal barbecue is built to last, very versatile and compact enough for most gardens. If you prefer or should we say love to cook on charcoal then you will love this barbecue and others in the range.

Designed by outdoor people in Georgia USA, these amazing barbecues cook meat exceptionally well. From sausages all the way through to full joints of meats southern style with flavours that your friends and family won’t believe you are capable of.

The barrel shaped barbecues are built from heavy duty steel to last for years and are fitted with cast iron grates for cooking on. We’ll be honest with you, they could have improved the wooden parts of the barbecue but we forgive them as the smoking area and metal construction is so strong.

Complete with an easy access ash tray and a warming rack inside. The barbecue is flat packed for home construction and includes a wheeled frame.


Best of all you can convert your Wrangler into a smoker with the purchase of the Table top/Side Grill box. By firing up this grill box with smoking materials you can smoke meat and fish and then cook up some more food later on the main grill. It can also be used cook separated food for your veggie friends keeping the meat in the main grill area.

Covers are available too.

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