Weed Puller by Burgon and Ball

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Makes light work of weeding.

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Over the years there have been many weed pullers made some are more effective than others. The Burgon and Ball Weed Puller is one of the most effective and best value versions we’ve sold.

The alloy shaft & ‘T’ shaped handle give strength and a good grip to push the weed puller into the lawn or soil. Just twist a couple of ties over the weed and pull. then press the ‘eject’ button on the handle for easy removal of the soils plug, weed and all.

If you remove  lots of weeds & then have a perforated lawn, we recommend brushing sterilised top soil top into the holes and over seeding ( between April & September) with a good short growing lawn seed such as ‘Johnson’s Quick Lawn’.

Our video shows how simple it is to use.

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