Watering Spikes (pack of 6)

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Watering Spikes and recycled pop bottles are the easier way to water pots and newly planted border plants while you at home and while you are away.

Simply screw a spike onto a bottle full of water and push into the soil or compost. Check regularly and top up.

If you remove the base of the bottle it can quickly be refilled without removing the spike and bottle.

Water Spikes and bottles give you an insurance policy if you are out for the day or your friend or neighbor forgets to water one day while you are on holiday. You know that there is water available to drip into the growing medium.

Water is vital for good plant growth. Under watered plants become short of nutrients and then are more prone to insect attack and less resistant to diseases.  Water Spikes give a consistent flow of water and your plants are well fed as a solution of liquid feed.

Ferndale Daisy only