Water Saucers

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Water Saucers help provide plants with a constant stream of water due to the large reservoir in each one and the wicks provided.

Before planting up a pot, simply thread the capillary wick half way up the pot (if the pot has no drainage holes you will need to cut or drill a small hole in the base of your pot). The other end of the wick will sit in the water-filled saucer enabling the plant to independently draw up water as required. Add liquid feed to the water supply and the plant can self-feed too! Over and under-watering will no longer be a problem as plants will be provided with a consistent water supply. The large capacity of the water saucers will mean that plants can be left to look after themselves for extended periods.

Simple self-watering system for potted plants
Saucer sits under plant pots
Water is drawn up to plant roots via super absorbent capillary wick
Liquid feed can be added for self-nutrition too



Ferndale Daisy only