SUPAMOSS 24" (60cm) dia

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There are many ways to ‘line’ the inside of a traditional wire hanging basket including natural moss, coir liners & paper pulp preformed liners.

Add to this the Super Moss Liner. It’s made from wool waste ‘woven’ like a rug into a compostable ‘plastic’ layer.

The liner will successfully contain your compost & plants for the whole season & when you empty your hanging basket at the end of the season tip all the contents straight into your compost bin. The plastic lining prevents the compost  drying out too quickly but allows excess water to leak out too.

Available as a pre-cut round sheet for up to a 16″ diameter basket. For smaller baskets simply push the liner into the basket and cut off or fold over the excess.

Also available in two widths 24″ (40cm) & 36″ (91cm) on a roll, cut off to your requirements by 1 meter sections.

We recommend the use of container composts that include a water retaining material to reduce drying out & one that also includes a slow release fertiliser that feed all season.

Our recommended compost is Gro-Sure Easy Container Compost.

Easy Container Compost is ideal for hanging bask

Ferndale Daisy only