Summer Planting Seed Potatoes


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New Potatoes for Christmas?

Late Planting or Christmas potatoes as they are commonly known are planted late-June or July to produce that “new potato” taste late in the season (They can be an enjoyable addition to the traditional Christmas dinner: a bowl of delicious, steaming baby potatoes garnished with parsley).

How are they grown?

The key to growing these out-of-season new potatoes is to obtain specially produced and stored classified seed potatoes. Locate an area of ground in your garden or a few large containers for your patio and follow the simple growing instructions below.

What is special about late cropping seed potatoes?

The seed potatoes grow very quickly when they are buried in the warm summer soil, producing good numbers of uniformly shaped potatoes, as the days shorten into autumn. The varieties of seed potatoes suitable for second cropping are specially selected by our technical team – see list below.

These government classified seed potatoes, which are grown on specialist farms are harvested during September/October. They are kept in our cool temperature controlled stores until June the following year when they are graded and packed ready for sale………… more

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