Strawberry LUCY

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Strawberry Lucy is a new British bred variety that crops for about four weeks in the early to mid season for Strawberries from mid June to mid July. It is very juicy and sweet and ‘presents’ itself on the plants for easy picking. It’s easy to grow and is resistant to crown rot which can be a problem in wet summers on other varieties.

Strawberry Lucy could become ‘the strawberry variety to grow’ for gardeners. It’s easy to grow, pretty in flower, tastes great and has a longer fruiting season than most strawberries.

These are young plants potted this winter.

Plant 45cm (18″) apart in rows that are 70cm (30″) apart. Can also be grown closer together on pots.

Feed with Vitax Organic Strawberry feed.

Organic Strawberry Liquid Feed

Organic Liquid Strawberry Feed 1 litre


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