Stay Off Mole Repellent 500g

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Stay Off Mole Repellent 500g is a natural, humane product to protect from moles tunnelling and producing molehills.

  • Stimulates a fear based response which encourages moles to go elsewhere
  • The odour is unpleasant to the animal, but not to humans
  • Repels moles without harming them or other wildlife
  • Children and pets may be allowed onto treated areas
  • Protects up to 50m²
  • Contains additional plant-supporting nutrients
  • Vitax Stay Off Mole Repellent is a natural, organic product that uses predator-simulating scent to deter moles from tunnelling and producing molehills.

This scent is virtually undetectable to humans and contains nutrients to help regrow plants following use.

To use, open a tunnel between recently created molehills and add the powder. In addition to this, sprinkle some of the powder on the surface where moles may have been active to act as a deterrent.

Sizes available:• 500g


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