SBM Life Science Toprose 1kg

Toprose Rose & Flower Feed 1kg


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Toprose rose and shrub feed is a high potash plant for for plants growing in your garden soil. High Potash plant foods promote the production of flowers. In roses these are formed quickly and repeatedly during the summer. Applying under roses in spring and then again in early July will give you healthy and strong blooms all summer.

It’s also ideal for fruit trees & bushes. Most of them flower in spring and produce their fruit in summer/autumn. Feeding these plants in late June initiates & produces fruit buds during July/August/September ready for the following spring.

Use Toprose rose food on shrubs that flower in spring too. Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Camellias and shy to flower plants like Wisterias respond well from the late June sprinkling of rose food too when they are growing in your garden border soil.

For flowering plants in pots use Gro-Sure All Purpose Slow Release granules for a controlled release of high potash food.

Read more about high potash feed here.

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