RHS Ground Breaker Spade


Serious gardeners spades for allotments and borders.

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For serious winter gardeners and those with very heavy sticky soils the RHS Ground Breaking Spade is a must. The mirror polished stainless steel blade cuts through soil. The point pushes more easily into your soil and the surface reduces the soil from sticking to the blade.

The handle is ash a long used timber for the best garden tools and the strapped socket allows flex in use and reduces the strain on the wooden shaft. WE advise that spades are never used to lever roots or rocks out of the soil. There are other tools for this, but the design of the RHS Ground Breaker Spade is ideal for ‘heavy’ soils. the ‘Y’ grip is designed for longer use and lower fatigue. They have longer handles to reduce back strain.

The blade has a broad ‘tread’ to reduce wear and foot strain.

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Weight 1.94 kg

Mens (111cm), Ladies (98cm)


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