Pointed Nose Snips


Perfect for flowers & fruit

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Pointed Nose Japanese Snips

Burgon and Ball’s pointed nose snips are ideal for dead heading where¬†you need to make sure you can ‘snip’ amongst other flowers or foliage.

As part of the Royal Horticultural Society endorsed tools range these snips are ideal for flowers & fruit thinning, & fruit harvesting.

The scissors action of the stainless steel blades means a clean cut every time & they aren’t affected by sap or fruit juices.

The plastic coated handles are comfortable to use & wipe clean too. The strap on the handle keeps the blades closed for safety when not in use & each pair is guaranteed for 10 years.

We like the spring that is strong enough to open the blades easily without being so strong that it tires weaker grips. This also means smaller hands aren’t fighting against the stronger springs of heady duty large grip secateurs making them more suitable for everyone.

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