Photinia ser.’Pink Crispy’7.5L

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Photinia Pink Crispy, great mottled garden foliage plant surprises you like a peacock when it suddenly opens its tail feathers. The new bright pink spring foliage lasts all summer & gradually fades to the winter mottled variegation. The young stems are red all year round giving a contrast to the leaves.

Pink Crispy has a bushy, upright habit with a height of around 6′ (175 cm) and a width of around 3′ (100 cm).

Ideal for well-drained, fertile soil in sun to partial shade. Temperatures to -20° Celsius are no problem but exposure to freezing winter winds might scorch the leaves. Snip these off after winter in April if this happens. I most of the UK the shelter of other plants, hedges & fences will reduce this.

Photinia Pink Crispy is disease-tolerant and maintenance free. Pink Crispy makes a charming addition to shrub borders and mixed containers. It will make a great urban hedge and grown in a large pot it will suit a patio or terrace. Can be clipped annually in April to make it more compact & bushy. We would recommend this in a pot.

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