Patio / Small Garden Veg. Starter Our Selection



The Patio / Small Garden Veg. Starter our selection pack is a collection of smaller growing vegetable plants including salad plants. They would be suitable for large pots, raised beds and small veg. beds.

This pack consists of 5 packs of 10 plants selected by us from this list

  • Beetroot Pablo (red)
  • Beetroot Golden
  • Beetroot Mixed Colours
  • Carrot Atlas small round type
  • Carrot Chantenay Red Cross
  • Dwarf French Bean Tendergreen (needs protection from frost)
  • Lettuce Little Gem (may needs protection from frost)
  • Lettuce Lollo Rosso (may needs protection from frost)
  • Lettuce Crispi Mix (may needs protection from frost)
  • Runner Bean White Lady (needs protection from frost)
  • Onion Iceni (large golden onion)
  • Pea Mangetout Sugar Pod
  • Sweetcorn Earli (needs protection from frost)

Tomatoes are due when it’s warmer in May. Details to appear on the website soon.

We are only able to create pack sof our choice & unfortunately this year your won’t be able to specify which ones we choose. This is the year for your taste buds to try new experiences.

This range will vary weekly as the growers are unable to predict supplies after being closed for four weeks.

For the a bigger range order more than on collection & we will endeavor to avoid duplicates. Also add a Garden Veg collection to widen your range of veg. & salads. See below.



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