Nordmann Needle Holding Christmas Trees


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Nordmann Needle Holding Christmas Trees are the best REAL Christmas trees for your home. They hold on to most of their ‘needles’, which are flat & soft to touch. The traditional Norway Spruce, although cheaper to buy, WILL leave sharp needles all over the carpet & & you will be walking on a few sharp needles for months.

We are delighted to be stocking our range form an excellent grower who trims the trees all the way through the life of the tree. This produces luxurious bushy trees with plenty of tips to hang your favourite Christmas baubles.

Our cut Christmas Trees are available NOW!

You can pre-order here online.

Christmas tree growing is a long process. The trees that you decorate this Christmas started life in 2005. Professional care over 12 years delivers our trees to you perfectly matched for your Christmas decorating.

Facts about your tree

  • Seed comes from Parent Trees that are decades old.
  • Seed becomes a 20cm (8 inch) plant in 4 years.
  • 2,000 plants per acre go into some of the best soils in these Islands.
  • The tree is fed extra nutrients every year.
  • Early pruning lightens the tree and makes it slimmer.
  • From Year 8 the Grower is constantly controlling shape.
  • 30-35cm annual growth from Years 8-12 creates a full Tree.
  • On average a tree has a life of 12 years from seed to home
  • Only the best Plants and Soils are used to grow the Trees
  • Each tree is hand shaped by Expert Growers
  • Over 40 separate operations are carried out on each tree
  •  A Real Tree Forest is a home to birds and small mammals
  •  For every tree that’s cut a new one is planted
  •  A Tree creates Oxygen and removes harmful gases from the Air

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How to prepare your tree for decorating

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Tree Height

Premier 150-175cm, Premier 175-200cm, Select 175-200, Select 200-250, 300cm plus


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